Our mobile devices. In this day and age, mobiles and tablets are our most important and valuable possessions. You can take so much care of it, and in one moment you drop it……and you crack the screen or it lands in a puddle. Not a good place to be 

Fortunately KJ Laptops is here to help. We can carry out most repairs on most mobiles and tablets, including the iPhone or iPad. We will assess the damage, and let you know whether we can repair it. We advise that prior to repair, you back your device up using iTunes, or whatever software you use with your Android/Windows device where possible. There are a few links at the bottom of this page to some useful guides on how to do this.

How to back up an Android device (PCMag)
How to back up a Google Nexus (Google)

Back up your device in iCloud or iTunes (Apple)

Windows Phone
How to back up a Windows Phone (Microsoft)