We cannot stress enough how important it is to back up!

A hard drive is not for life. We have seen many cases where we have to fix a laptop or PC and the hard drive is on it’s last legs. Hard drives do not last forever and will eventually die.

If you have a lot of important photos, videos and documents, you should be backing up twice a month at the very least. Personally my laptop backs up daily and my desktop PC every Sunday. I use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit to store my backups. There are several types of media you can back up to:

  • NAS – My personal favourite. NAS units connect to your home router and can have 1 or more hard drives to provide storage. Units with more than one hard drive can be mirrored, which means each drive is an exact copy of the primary drive. This means that should one drive fail, you can replace it and most modern units automatically rebuild after the new drive is installed.
  • USB Drive – These days, large USB drives are fairly cheap to buy and you can simply plug the drive into your PC or laptop and backup your files. This offers a great amount of portability however if your USB drive fails (which will happen over time) then you lose your backup data.
  • External Hard Drive – Like USB drives, external hard drives are quite cheap to buy and offer the same portability, only they offer a larger disk size. Again, only having one backup drive increases the risk of losing your backup data further down the line. It all depends on your needs and the criticality of your files.
  • DVD/Blu-Ray – Using discs to back up your files also offers portability, however if you use DVDs you are limited to a backup size of 8.5GB which will only cover one hefty photo library. However you can use writeable Blu-Ray discs to back up, which gives you a storage size oof approx 25GB. In addition to this, discs are susceptible to scratches, which in my opinion makes it the worst method of backing up.

If you require assistance or advice with backing up, don’t hesitate to ask!